Fauji Breakfast Bundle (Corn Flakes 500 Grams X1 & Wheat Porridge 1Kg X1)

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  • This bundle contains 1 Pack of 500 Grams Corn Flakes & 1KG of Wheat Porridge
  • Maintain Low Cholesterol Level
  • Ideal for Weight loss

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Wheat Porridge 1000 gm.

Introduction:- Wheat in many ways is used as primary staple food in
most part of the world. Whole grain is great source of essential vitamins,
minerals and dietary fibers that are most important for healthy lifestyle. Fauji
cereals bring you a great way to experience the goodness of whole grain wheat
through the convenience of its preservative Free Wheat Porridge.

Full of energy, Rich in Vitamins, Prevents Heart Diseases, Cholesterol
Free, Helps Keep Good Shape

Hygienically prepared,
Deliciously Nourishing and energizing anytime cereals which is Nutritive, Low
in sugar and cholesterol Free. It can be added to Haleem and soup for
increasing their taste and flavor and is equally beneficial for young and

Ingredients: Wheat Grains

Preparation Method:

Add one part fauji cereals in 4 parts boiling
water in a saucepan. Cook and stir for 4-5 minutes

Corn Flakes 500 gm.

Introduction: – Flakes are processed from one of the most wholesome
food grains of golden corn that ensures consumers diet full of nutrients.

Corn Flakes help to improve
immune system. It contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats, making it a great
quick energy food. Daily intake of this breakfast cereals ensures an overall
best for health and decrease in obesity.


Corn, Malt Extract, Sugar and

Serving Directions:

Just pour milk and it is ready to
Or use as you may