Fauji Pineapple Flavoured Jelly 80 Grams Pack

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  • Sweet Delight For Everyone
  • Halal
  • Serving Per Pack: 4

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Preparation Method: – Boil two cups of water (400ml) in a saucepan.
Measure the water exactly. Add the contents of the packet in boiling water,
stir till dissolved. Pour the mixture into a mould and allow to set for 30-45
minutes at room temperature or cool in a refrigerator. Separate jelly from sides
of the mould with a knife, gently shake and invert mould carefully over a
serving dish. Delicious fauji jelly is prepared.

Ingredients: sugar, vegetable gum, acidity, regulator (Adipic
Acid), stabilizer (Potassium Citrate), artificial flavor and permitted food

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