Fauji Sweet Treat Bundle Pack of 5 (Strawberry, Vanilla Custard 120 gm X2 & Orange , Pineapple, Strawberry Jelly 80 gm X3)

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  • This bundle contains 2 Packs of custard (Strawberry and Vanilla) & 3 Pack of Jellies (Orange , Pineapple, Strawberry Flavor)
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Custard Powder 120g.

Preparation Method: –Pour two tablespoons of fauji custard in abowl. Thoroughly mix custard powder in some milk from the half liter of milk.Add desired quantity of sugar in the remaining part of milk and boil it. Pourcustard paste into the boiling milk slowly and stir continuously. Cook for awhile and serve it chilled.

Ingredients: – Maize starch, salt, artificial flavor and permittedfood color.

Jelly 80gm.

Preparation Method: – Boil two cups of water (400ml) in a saucepan.Measure the water exactly. Add the contents of the packet in boiling water,stir till dissolved. Pour the mixture into a mould and allow to set for 30-45minutes at room temperature or cool in a refrigerator. Separate jelly fromsides of the mould with a knife, gently shake and invert mould carefully over aserving dish. Delicious fauji jelly is prepared.

Ingredients: –sugar, vegetable gum, acidity, regulator (AdipicAcid), stabilizer (Potassium Citrate), artificial flavor and permitted foodcolor.